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Business Development

Following the successful construction, commissioning and operation of Edenderry Power Plant, from 1999 to date, our aim is to develop the business and ensure that we are prepared for the challenges ahead. Like most other businesses, and eventually every household in Ireland, the government's signing of the international emissions agreements to reduce greenhouse gases will affect, to a greater or lesser degree, the prices and environment in which energy producers and consumers operate into the future.

In accordance with the EU Emissions Trading for compliance with Kyoto commitments, Edenderry Power Ltd. has been granted a Green House Gas Permit.  This EU permitting system provides a structure for the measurement and control of Green House Gas emissions under EPA supervision.

Solely burning peat at the Edenderry Power Plant, with its consequent adverse impacts deriving from CO2 emissions, is not a realistic long-term option bearing in mind our national responsibilities in relation to global warming.

As a CO2 emissions mitigating measure, Edenderry Power Ltd. have therefore sought and received permission to co-fuel the plant with carbon neutral fuels.  This Planning Permission was granted by An Bord Pleanála on the 19th July 2005.

Following from trials, Co-Fuelling commenced in 2007 and currently around 7% of the fuel used in the power station is carbon neutral, thereby reducing carbon emissions this year by 60,000 tonnes of CO2.  Development work is continuing, with the potential target of 30% Co-Fuelling with carbon neutral fuels to be achieved by 2015.  If achieved, this would result in the reduction of CO2 emissions from the plant by some 300,000 tonnes per annum.

The advantages of substituting peat with carbon neutral fuels are enormous and can deliver substantial benefits in terms of employment and environmental conservation.